Tradecraft is an independent creative studio founded by award-winning writer and designer;  Alex Morrissey to provide immersive brand experiences for clients of all sizes committed to being category leaders. ​​​​​​​More than a decade later,  the studio remains focused on improving the world through innovation, story, and design with every project. ​​​​​​​

Studio Mission
Deliver tailored solutions to clients of all sizes and budgets.
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Featured Services
Brand Identity, Logos, & Websites
Trust the Process
Project success is simple as 1 2 3 4 5 6
    1. Listen to the client
    2. Identify their needs 
    3. Develop budget friendly plan
    4. Combine that with an obsession for innovation
    5. Add a dash of gripping storytelling
    6. Finally, as needed, bake-in great design

Hey, I said simple, not easy.
Select Clients & Brands

I have been fortunate to partner with—and create for—amazing clients and leading brands across the world, from start-ups, to Fortune 500, some of which include:
Apple, Blue Bunny, Chanel, DC, Diesel, Eleventh Street Workshop, Island, Giorgio Armani, Google, Lancôme, Levis, Marvel, MLB , Prescriptives, Publix, Refinery 29, Spotify,, Synchronicity Performance Group, Tekscape, Tremor Video, Viktor & Rolf, Westworld, Women for Women International, Zitomer
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